Make Your EMI Shopping Experience Memorable With Ujjwal EMI Card

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Shopping is more than just a way to get what you want or need; it’s an overall experience, whether you’re just browsing or buying something.

However, for many people, affordability is a major barrier to buying what they want or need. Despite the fact that this has become much easier in recent years, people continue to put off buying something until they are forced to and have run out of options. It’s better to buy a new refrigerator than to keep repairing the old one until it finally breaks down. With the convenience of payment options such as Home Credit Ujjwal EMI card, you can quickly activate a credit limit of up to Rs. 75000 so you can buy what you want.

Memorable EMI Shopping Experience With Ujjwal EMI Card

Home Credit Ujjwal EMI Card offers many advantages to users. The cost is the most significant obstacle to a person’s shopping needs. Rather than having to wait indefinitely for store discounts or festival sales, the Ujjwal EMI Card allows buyers to buy whatever they want at any time of year, regardless of price.

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The goal of the Ujjwal EMI Card is to eliminate any cash constraints that people may encounter while shopping for their wants and needs. To begin, Ujjwal EMI Card eligibility is simple, and the criteria are simple to meet. Eligibility criteria for credit cards can be difficult to meet, and because most banks offer them, you may be required to have a bank account in the said bank.

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Home Credit Ujjwal EMI Card allows you to pay for your purchases in easy EMIs. Credit cards also allow you to pay in EMIs; however, these usually come with a long list of additional charges that you will have to pay for the duration of your EMI payment. Usually, you end up paying more than the original cost of the product. However, with Ujjwal EMI Card, you even have the choice to foreclose the loan earlier at NO extra charge. Sounds great, right?

Benefits of Ujjwal EMI Card

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Here are some of the ways you can stay ahead of the rest who do not have an Ujjwal EMI Card:

Instant Credit Limit Up To ₹75000:

With a pre-approved limit of up to Rs. 75000, our Home Credit Ujjwal EMI Card allows you to shop on EMI at any time, both online and offline, with no hassle!

A Chance to Shop Big:

With a credit limit of Rs. 75,000 pre-approved, you can go big on EMI shopping. This way, you won’t have to rely on your bank funds indefinitely or face any financial hardship!

Flexibility To Choose Credit Limit:

Have you been running short of funds? With our Ujjwal EMI card, you can choose your credit limit to your convenience and shop on EMI without a credit card!

One-Time Documentation:

To get a Home Credit Ujjwal EMI card, you simply need to submit two documents only once throughout the application process.

  1. PAN Card (Mandatory)
  2. Address Proof
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ZERO Processing & Joining Fees:

Ujjwal EMI card offers you a chance to shop on EMI and enjoy easy repayments with 0 processing fee*, 0% interest** & 0 joining fees*.

Easy Eligibility Criteria:

You can avail yourself of a Home Credit Ujjwal EMI Card, if you fulfill the following criteria:

  • age: 18 to 69 years
  • income source: Salaried or Self-employed or Pensioner
  • Bank account status: Active
  • Minimum Gap between Two Home Credit Loan Applications: 90 Days

ZERO Foreclosure Charges:

Unlike other loans, which normally charge a minor fee for early payback, our EMI card allows you to foreclose the loan without incurring any fees.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for an Ujjwal EMI Card & purchase your favorite products without paying anything upfront and repay the amount in easy EMIs!

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